Thursday, 8 February 2018

Cheese Ass

Very early on Sunday morning I heard my across the hall neighbour
Nickie coming in. She might have been drunk. I don’t think there was anyone else there but she was shouting as if she was calling somebody out and repeated the phrase, “Cheese asshole!” several times. I can’t find the expression anywhere, but maybe it’s a reference to sodomy. A “cheese ass” is apparently a bad driver though.
I spent most of Sunday writing my review of Shab-e She’r.
            Raja came for the rent around midday.
            I watched a couple of episodes of The Big Bang Theory. In the first one Bernadette and Howard found out their yet to be born baby will be a boy and they were both disappointed. Bernadette had grown up with six brothers and she’d always missed having a sister, so she thought it would have been nice for Halley to have one. Howard was frightened of having a son because he wasn’t sure if he was man enough to guide a boy to manhood.
            In the second episode Amy and Howard began collaborating but Bernadette was not in the least jealous. Sheldon and Raj were both bothered though by how well the two were getting along. Sheldon went to complain to Bernadette and told her he’d like to find a way to make Howard mad. She lied to Sheldon that what really pisses Howard off is when someone else does his household chores and so she got Sheldon to do a lot of housework. He was about to clean the oven when Raj arrived and spilled the beans that Howard hates doing chores. Sheldon was angry that he’d been tricked and he wanted to storm away but he loves cleaning ovens and so he did that first.

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