Thursday, 8 February 2018

Monsters Are Poorly Educated

            Now that I’ve switched to the Fender clip-on tuner it’s easier to get my guitar in tune, though it still goes out of tune just as much.
I didn’t go to the food bank on Saturday morning, mainly because I was behind on my writing and going there and then writing about it would have put me even further back. Also, I was glad not to go because of how cold it was outside, but I guess that wouldn’t have stopped me if the writing side of things had been all caught up.
            In the evening I went out and bought a couple of cans of Creemore. A can of Creemore costs $3.10. When I bought some last week the cashier commented, “That’s expensive beer!” Then she explained that she was used to people buying cheap beer all day long.
            A couple of hours later I went upstairs to knock on David’s door. When he answered I asked if I could take some pictures of his doorframe that I’d broken when I forced his door after he’d forgotten his key. I wanted to send them to Nick Cushing to find out if he thinks he’ll be able to fix it and if so, so he can tell from the photos what tools he’d need for the job.
            David gave me a bag of food. He said that he’d bought it for his sister but she couldn’t come. The bag had a package of strawberries and a Styrofoam container with rice and a couple of spicy chicken drumsticks. Maybe it’s jerk chicken. I had some of the rice with my hamburger for dinner and it was very hot.
            I watched a couple of episodes of the Big Bang Theory. In one, Leonard was interviewed on the radio and he made the mistake of being honest about physics. He said there have been no major discoveries in a long time and it may be a dead end, so he didn’t understand why it gets millions of dollars in grants. The dean of the university told him he had to write a retraction and he went to ask Sheldon for help, but Sheldon, in looking over the state of physics to disprove Leonard, realized that Leonard was right. This made them both very depressed and they got drunk on Comic Con Romulan wine, which is vodka with blue food dye. Howard and Raj joined them because Howard was depressed about being a father of two and Raj was depressed about having no girlfriend. Penny joined them because there was booze.
            In the second one Sheldon was talking in his sleep, taking on a personality that was super laid back and the opposite of who he is. When Sheldon found out he hoped that he wasn’t becoming Mr. Hyde, mostly because Mr. Hyde doesn’t have a post-graduate degree like Dr. Jeckyl.

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