Saturday, 17 March 2018

Understanding French

            On Friday morning I had to postpone publishing a Serge Gainsbourg song translation because I wasn’t sure about understanding the original French in one of the verses. No one had posted the original lyrics.
I broke my 14-day fruit fast, though in the morning the only change was that I drank tea for the first time in two weeks. In the early afternoon I had a salad with raspberry vinaigrette.
            I spent a lot of time catching up on my journal.
            I created a document into which I pasted all of my 20th Century US Literature lecture notes since our last test, from Robert Frost to the present. I’ll start re-reading the works to prepare for our exam in the middle of April.
I had a salad for dinner with steamed asparagus and sweet onion and lime dressing while watching the last teleplay of the first season of the Alfred Hitchcock Hour. This one was about a father and son cop team. The son got killed by some young gangsters and so the father, Paul went after them. The problem was though that the neighbourhood was too scared of the gang and so no witnesses would admit that they saw anything. After the gang boss’s lawyer threatens to charge him with harassment, Paul turns in his badge and goes outside the rules. He intercepts a shipment of $250,000 worth of heroin from the mob boss and tells him to turn over the man that shot his son. He agrees, but they plan on getting Paul first. The killer named Boxer and another punk show up but Paul shoots him right away. The other one asks for the heroin but Paul had double crossed them and sent the junk to the police. The punk leaves and tells the others in the car what happened. Paul puts his gun on the table and walks out of the building only to be shot to death. He’d hired a detective friend to stand outside the building who realized after Paul was dead that he’d planned it so that way so he would die but that this time there would be a talking witness.
Despite drinking caffienated tea for the first time in two weeks I felt sleepy earlier than usual. Maybe the caffeine made me more awake to how sleepy I was. I was wide awake once I got into bed though.
For the last few nights the wifi signal from downstairs wound down just before midnight and the next morning it would be off. So I would switch to the network across the street for overnight so my downloads and uploads could continue. But this time the donut shop’s signal from below me stayed awake all night.

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