Thursday, 12 July 2018

Nice Handlebars!

            On Wednesday I found that in just five days I’ll be enrolling in my fall courses. The summer sure does go by fast, even when it starts in April like mine did!
            I've got to take a rain day soon even though it hasn't rained because on clear days I ride for two and a half hours and so I don’t get as much work done at home. I’m glad I’m getting exercise but I need at least one day off a week so I can work on my book cover and edit videos of my songs.
            I washed three undershirts and a pair of shorts and put them outside to dry.
            I took the usual bike ride that afternoon. A couple of guys passed me twice but I ended up ahead. They lowered the hill on Pharmacy back to the way it was two days ago. Maybe it’s like a tide or maybe hills inhale and exhale. I rode to St Clair and across to Warden, and then explored all of the streets that dip into the woods on the west side. They were basically little pockets of high-rises and what looked like three-story Ontario Housing complexes. I turned right on Danforth Rd and went up McDonald Avenue, went up to where it ended a block north and came back down. A kid of about 7 was riding a bike up the street by himself and shouting, “I’m faster than all you guys!” Just before Danforth Rd a man that was walking north said to me, “Nice handlebars!”
            The buskers that I’ve been seeing and hearing this summer, in front o the Eaton’s Centre and on Queen Street West near Spadina all look and sound like they should be in the same boy band. They all have impressive vocal range and sing ultra romantic songs that sound like they have good melodies because guys with good voices are singing them. It seems weird to see guys that musically slick playing on the street. There should be some grit to a street musician.
            When I got home I went out to buy a can of Creemore.
            I cooked a frozen enchilada from a box that said, “microwave only” but I’m a rebel.
            I watched two episodes of Dobie Gillis, both of which focused more on Maynard G. Krebs than on Dobie. The “G” stands for “Walter” by the way.
            In the first story Maynard is forced to enrol in Dr Burkhart’s archaeology course to keep from flunking. The go on a dig to some caves outside of town to look for stone age artefacts but when Maynard wanders away from the group he enters a secret cave where there lives a real stone age indigenous American. Maynard and Ugh become friends and Ugh gives him a stone axe, which Maynard shows to Burkhart but when she does carbon dating on it she discovers that it was recently made. He then shows a Polaroid he took of Ugh and they are convinced but then Maynard is worried because if he takes them to meet Ugh they will want to study him and he’ll never have any peace, so he tells Ugh to escape and covers for him. In the end we see that Ugh has moved into Maynard’s room.
            The second story features the return of Lynn Loring as Eddy, the female version of Maynard. She is presented as the cousin of Chatsworth Osborn. She’s been living the society life and is tired of it. When she runs into Maynard she decides to go back to being a tomboy with him. The Osborn’s are up in arms and try to bribe Maynard to stay away from Eddy. When that doesn’t work they accept that Maynard may eventually join the family and so they try to make him behave like an Osborn but that doesn’t work either. Finally Eddy again decides that she can’t live the simple life with Maynard because he plans on doing it for the rest of his life.

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