Wednesday, 4 July 2018

The St Charles Place

            On Friday morning it was so hot during yoga that I felt clammy as a clam in a bucket of whale sweat.
            I worked a lot of the day on my review of Shab-e She’r and in the late afternoon I drank two tall glasses of water to prepare myself for a very hot bike ride. Why is it that when I drink one glass of water I have to stop to pee twice but when I drink two I only need one washroom break?
            I don’t wear a helmet but in that high temperature I felt like I was wearing one that was made out of hot porridge.
            It was whenever I stopped at a light that the heat really hit me especially hard.
            I timed myself this time and got to Danforth and Pharmacy in 47 minutes. I explored the three blocks from Danforth up to Denton and from Pharmacy to Byng, which only took me eight minutes. It was nice to be concentrating my explorations around the Danforth and to find some alleys to explore as well. I was on my way home at least a half an hour earlier than I would have been if I was still riding north of St Clair like I have been for the last few weeks.
            On the way home I went down Yonge Street and stopped to take some pictures of the clock tower that used to crown the St Charles Place Tavern, which used to be the crown jewel of gay bars in Toronto. I remember it as the best place for a seventeen-year-old boy like me to get free drugs. They had a good jukebox too. They’ve torn down everything but the clock tower, and I see on looking it up that the tower has a heritage designation and it will be preserved as part of the condo that will be built at that location.

            At Yonge and Dundas there was a big crowd surrounding some police cars and taking pictures while one cop was pushing the face of a woman with long wavy blonde hair into the hood of the cruiser.
            For dinner I boiled a potato, heated up a piece of chicken and made chicken gravy. I watched two episodes of Dobie Gillis.
            In the first story the college is planning to bury a time capsule but when Maynard is asked what he would put in he answers, “Nothin!” He explains that there would be no one left on the planet to open a time capsule in the future because everything was going to go “Boom! Boom! Kaboom!” The problem was that Maynard had read a newspaper for the first time in his life and he is now convinced that there is no hope for humanity. But on the day of the time capsule burial a time capsule from 1911 was discovered in the space they’d planned to put theirs. Inside was a newspaper warning of imminent annihilation for mankind. Maynard realizes now that everything is going to be all right and writes a letter saying so to put in their time capsule.
            In the second story Dobie asks a girl named Sally out whose parents have a particular set of rules for any potential boyfriend to follow. The first rule is no gifts are allowed of any kind. The second is that she can never go out on dates with one boy at a time. The reason for these rules is that Sally has an exceptionally tender heart and so any one boy could play upon her sympathies and influence her even to the point of marriage and so with two boys competing that won’t happen. Whenever Sally comes home and declares that she cares for a boy on his own merits and not because of her tender heart, they will drop the rules. Sally is so tender hearted that she hates DDT because it destroys millions of cute little insects. Dobie’s competition on this first date with Sally is Chatsworth Osborn Jr. Chatsworth is so rich and so capable that Dobie gives up in the middle of the date. But after the date Sally rejects Chatsworth because she can’t feel sorry for him. Her parents tell her to have another date with Dobie and another boy to make sure. The other boy is Maynard. Maynard and Sally have a lot in common because they both love animals and so Dobie gives up again. Maynard rejects Sally though because she kisses him. If Dobie Gillis were on today they wouldn’t be so afraid to admit that the character of Maynard G Krebs is Gay.

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